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Bacchanal de Afrique is a world of experiences dancing together at the same party. to Support BdA is to change the world with our stories. to birth the miracles of our past into our futures.

give life to generations of stories that need to be heard.



Donations are the salt and pepper of our project. Every grain is essential to beauty and creation of our spread. We need the partnership of individuals to create spaces for new and old artistic traditions from the multifaceted African diaspora to live.  Every voice, every donation ensures this reality.




A direct Investment in improving the quality of life in the Bay Area by ensuring professional arts production thrives in every community. With your sponsorship you connect with: an emerging yet deeply rooted cultural institution; a relevant and powerful demographic, and extend your company’s visibility across California’s diverse populations.


bring bda to your venue

Event spaces, schools/classrooms, presenting organizations, or media partners who want the spirit of Bacchal de Afrique to be well and alive in their corner of the world can make it happen by collaborating with us. Participating BdA artists and producers can share excerpts, presentations, and/or features of the festival in collaboration with your organization.  Bring us to your spot!