Afro Urban Society
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Afro Urban Society is a creative community of brilliant artists and culture workers dedicated to celebrating the unique expressions of Urban Africans through performance and community activism.

Through original and curated arts & event production, popular arts education and community engagement we exist to dispel the perception that all Africans have a single story. We create spaces for people of African descent all over the world to tell our own stories. We celebrate the reality that Africans are of many cultures and nations. Afro Urban Society is created and driven by our constituents, our context, history and identities. We are the community that we serve.


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in afro urban land


Live up the vibes and energy of Afro life and culture with Dance. Song. Storytelling. Theater workshops from the Urban African Diaspora taught by some of the most talented and masterful artists in town.


Bakanal de afrique

Take a voyage through the exhilarating history of of the Urban Africa amidst gyrating hips and a global music and visual landscape! Our 2018 Festival asks the question "Where were you on...?"


events & happenings

What's up? How you? Where you at? What's going on? Your Afro Urban Lifestyle is incomplete without our social calendar of events.

crossing borders through art, music & dance.
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